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Al-Strip for Warehouse Operations

Are you trying to determine the right level of resources to invest in the education of your staff? When it comes to your customers and shipping containers, do you know who gives you the best cost-benefit ratio? Al-Strip is a Q2M2-exclusive product that gives you the real-time, data-based information to answer some of the most important questions about your warehouse operations business.

Do you know how much of a discount you can actually offer to your customers? Have you developed a price-model for your containers that considers factors like weight, number of items and item size? Al-Strip gives you the data you need to improve sales.

Do you give your most valuable customers the best price you can offer? Have you developed a customer-specific pricing strategy?

Are your people on the floor ever ready when the container isn’t? Perhaps you’d like to offer a bonus to employees who perform well. Based on hard data, Al-Strip offers a better work schedule and a reward structure for employees.

Can your revenue be improved? Al-Strip provides the data to evaluate your revenue stream and identify areas of potential improvement.

Are you tired of wasting time and energy managing the large number of workers on the floor at any given moment? Al-Strip helps you minimise wasted time in production and eliminate surprises in time consumption when stripping containers.

Based on the Statistical Value Chain, Q2M2 helps you make transparent decisions for your organisation.