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Performance Optimisation Program for Emergency Services

The emergency services often have little money, but it’s critical to make the most of the budget that’s available. For this, you need to know what can affect your rescue time. The Performance Optimisation Program helps rescue services determine rescue time and identify the factors that matter most for improving it.

You are in charge of selling and expanding your emergency service. Why should any potential customer buy your service? With the Performance Optimisation Program, you can document your emergency service rescue time and use hard data to show that you are among the best at what you do—saving lives.

Performance Optimisation Program gives emergency staff the peace of mind to know that they are performing within the standards of emergency credentialing organisations.

Every day, you are met with new ideas about how your organisation needs to be better and faster. In general these ideas seem interesting, but some are clearly more expensive than others. It’s important to implement the improvements that offer the most value (that is, the fastest rescue time) for money. The Performance Optimisation Program facilitates the necessary testing that can identify the changes needed to improve rescue time and lower operational costs. In the Performance Optimisation Program, different methods of operation are tested and the combination of these methods is analysed to find the optimal rescue mode for the specific circumstances.

Q2M2 uses the Statistical Value Chain to allow transparent decision support for your organisation.