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QualiTender for Tender Managers

Are you having trouble prioritising the tenders that come in? Are you uncertain what tenders have the biggest win-probability? Then Qualitender is the tool for you. QualiTender helps you to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, it gives you a win probability score, and it even has the potential to show you who your biggest competitors are.

Do you know what your customers are really buying into? Are you uncertain which of your products are the natural add-ons to each other? With QualiTender we can give you information on the perceived level of interest in each of your products, in relation to the total offer.

QualiTender is the perfect tool in the approval flow for prioritising the tenders. It helps you pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your offer and it gives you an indication of who your key competitors are. It is also excellent for a Big Deal forum, where the sales rep presents his case in conjunction with the findings of the QualiTender Tool.

In a Big Deal forum, where different opinions and targets can collide, QualiTender helps you ask questions such as who is the stronger competitor? and what is our biggest strength?

The customer is king! QualiTender gives you direct feedback of how your potential customers perceive your product. With QualiTender you will get knowledge on what products the customers like and what products they perceive are lesser value.