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Learning for Everyone

Q2M2 offers both on-location and online video training for you and your staff to improve your understanding of how data and data analysis can bring value to your business. This will also enable you and your staff to ask the correct—and often critical—questions when you receive your data-based decision support. Understanding the potential, challenges, and pitfalls of data and data analysis will help you to avoid mistakes that can be costly for your organisation. Data analysis is a very powerful tool when you know what you’re doing.

If you already have thoughts and ideas about how data can improve the performance of your organisation, Q2M2 can help you run seminars at a variety of levels to build the best framework for maximising the potential in your ideas. Q2M2 has the knowledge and network to make it happen.

We offer a unique method for evaluating decision support. Q2M2 applies the Statistical Value Chain, a useful and focused tool for evaluating data-driven decision support.