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Drop-Stop for Educational Managers

You are a finance officer in an educational institution. Most of the payment the school receives is when the students graduate. However, most of the cost to the school is when teaching the students which might take one, two, three years or more. This means that if the students drop out before graduating the school will lose money. With Drop-Stop you can start to identify what makes students drop out of your school and hence eliminate these causes which in return will make your school more profitable.

Your customer’s are in many cases a public body that buys education for the society. An important selling point is that you can document your low drop-out rate. Drop-Stop helps you document and communicate to your customers that you have low drop-out rates and are working actively to reduce the drop-out rate further.

Any marketing campaign is likely to show potential new students that you are highly successful in graduating students. With drop stop it becomes very easy to communicate and document that you are very successful when it comes to graduating students and having a very low drop-out rate.

The reasons for dropout can be many. Drop-Stop helps identify the significant reasons, and it can give the administration the opportunity to intervene where it is likely students will drop out.

Your main focus is to keep the production of graduates on track. But sometimes it might become a bit blurry what actually makes a difference to the drop-out rate. Drop-stop will help you identifying the right factors and the factors that matter the most when you want to reduce the drop-out rate.

Q2M2 helps you based on the Statistical Value Chain to allow transparent decision support for your organization.