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Q2M2 Certificate

Q2M2 helps organisations to make their business more data-driven to save money, time and resources.

The Q2M2 certificate is provided to organisations that:

    • Apply the Statistical Value Chain


    • Use data in their decision making process


  • Have third party control

If you are considering a Q2M2 certificate, ask yourself the following three questions:

    • Do you need a better data process?


    • Do you need more transparency in your data processing?


  • Do you need to document and validate to other parties the data that you use and present to them?

If you can answer yes to one of these questions you should contact the team at Q2M2.

The Statistical Value Chain (SVC) handles data in a cradle-to-grave perspective, from the extraction of raw data to its use for decision support. The better the data is handled at each step of the Statistical Value Chain, the better the resulting decision support—and therefore the better the final decisions.

You can read more about the Statistical Value Chain here: