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Cost-Benefit Analysis for Public and Private Managers

It’s one thing to know how to run a cost-benefit analysis, but it’s another thing altogether to have the data and resources to properly carry one out. A Q2M2 Cost-Benefit Analysis offers the tools to do it right, helping you to approve or reject new investments with the security of having all the necessary information.

You’re planning a new sale and it looks good. But, have you covered all the costs and potential benefits that might follow the sale? Q2M2 helps you to consider all costs and benefits when planning a new sale.

You’re considering a new marketing campaign, and it feels promising. However, you need to be sure that it’s worth investing in this campaign instead of another. Q2M2 helps you to establish the facts, costs and potential benefits to prove the value of a specific marketing direction.

Do you know the value of more training and education for the staff in your organisation? A Q2M2 Cost-Benefit Analysis will give you the information you need to decide about new training and educational projects.

Often your managers suggest new, promising projects. However, sometimes you need a more solid evaluation of the costs and benefits before you undertake a new proposal. Q2M2 helps you to evaluate new projects through the necessary Cost-Benefit Analysis.

You are often met with new technologies and services that can help improve your operations, but you can’t invest in everything. Which of the options offers the best cost-benefit ratio? Q2M2 helps you to establish the foundation for making solid investments in the right technology.

A new IT system has been suggested to you. You like the system, but you need to be certain that it can offer a positive return on investment within a short time frame. Q2M2 helps you to evaluate the new IT system and establish a Cost-Benefit Analysis that informs your decision with hard data.

You’re a technical or scientific analyst or manager and are considering a new project. You need to demonstrate that the project has an acceptable return on investment. Q2M2 helps you to evaluate the project’s costs and benefits so the return on investment is clear from the onset.

We offer an efficient and effective structure for estimating potential costs and benefits of new project proposals.

If you are a publicly-funded organisation with a common structure on your Cost-Benefit Analysis, with Q2M2’s help you will be much faster to conclude the often long process of evaluating the costs and benefits of a new project―ensuring that you use taxpayer money efficiently and effectively.

Q2M2 uses the Statistical Value Chain to allow transparent decision support for your organisation.