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Helsingør, Gribskov, and Halsnæs in Denmark

Project: Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of lifeguard operations for the three counties. The counties of Halsnæs, Gribskov, and og Helsingør in Denmark host a combined one million beach guests every summer. The three counties therefore operate 25 lifeguard stations along their coastline to safeguard beachgoers. However, there has been a need for budget reduction in the three counties, and Q2M2 was asked to conduct a CBA of the lifeguard operation service. The analysis showed that the benefits of lifeguard operations exceeded costs by a large margin. A report with detailed results was delivered to the three counties.

Project: Study trip to RNLI, the UK. These municipalities continuously seek new information about running and optimizing their lifeguard organisation. To this end, they organize study trips to other areas of Denmark and to other countries. Leveraging its wide international network – including a strong connection with the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) in the UK – Q2M2 has now organized two study trips for politicians from the three municipalities, with a focus on benchmarking standards and performance.

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